Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Lova's!! Happy Valentines :)

I, for one, expected today to be just another so, so day. Grant's out of town all week so I knew I'd have some me time on Valentines Day, plus we've never really "celebrated" this "holiday" anyway. This afternoon however, I was surprised by a knock at the door and a vase FULL of beautiful, bright flowers... not to mention the most loving note I've received in a long time. Not only did Grant completely make my day but goodness does he have good taste! Needless to say, my day was (has been) made!! Oh and did I mention that this boy makes me incredibly happy?

Also needless to say, that impromptu gift from my far away love put a pep in my step. So, I decided to give my Butternut Squash Risotta another try. Since I'll be alone all week, I thought I'd make enough to last the whole week. This way I wouldn't convince myself it's okay to eat out all week since I'm only cooking for one.

Now, I've attempted this before and it was disastrous. Really, I didn't have the patience. Tonight I tried again and it was absolutely one of my favorite meals yet. Making this meal is also a COMPLETE workout. It involves constant stirring and moving the rice around. That is a huge, huge benefit of cooking your own meals... it makes you do work but while having fun! Remember that next time you think you'd rather have a 500 calorie burger with 500 calories fries that not only can you control the amount of salt, fat, and all the other goodies you add to your home made meal, but you are also relaxing your mind and keeping yourself active. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I love cooking so much... It is my therapy.

So, either make this for your valentine or, if you are valentineless, enjoy some YOU time and ease your mind, work those muscles and enjoy this rich, creamy, delicious meal.

Butternut Squash Risotta
(coming soon)

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